Capturing Love that Spans Generations {Highland Park extended family photographer}

I will cue you in on a little secret. A lot of photographers cringe just a little bit when people reach out to them about including grandparents or extended families. These sessions can be trickier than regular family sessions, with more moving parts - kids of all ages, a bigger crowd, three generations (or more!) to please.

I am not that photographer. I believe so strongly in including the whole family - especially grandparents and great grandparents get in the frame. And I’ll tell you why. As a kid, I grew up going to my grandparents every day after school until my parents got home from work. My mom’s parents were like an extra set of parents for my sister and me. And then, in the weeks before I got engaged to be married, my grandpa got very sick. In the days before he died, we were able to tell him that I got engaged to be married, but even now, years later, it still makes me sad that he wasn’t there for my wedding. That the photos from that day are beautiful but are missing a key person from my life. And even more, it makes me sad that he never got to meet my kids - he would have been the one who was most excited to be a grandparents.

So when a client reaches out and wants to capture an extended family photo shoot with all of their loved ones gathered in one place, I always do my best if my calendar allows it to say YES.

If you are looking to book an extended family photography session, from Chicago to Highland Park and anywhere in between, I’m your photographer. Let’s chat!

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