5 reasons to pick an in-home lifestyle newborn session {best Chicago in-home newborn photographer}

In my last post, I recapped a list of reasons why you might want to opt for studio newborn portraits. And now today, I am sharing a bit about why in-home sessions are a great option! I often have Chicago and North Shore moms reach out about newborn sessions and ask “which one is better?” There is no right answer! They are both so different and beautiful in their own way. And so today, I am sharing a handful of reasons why moms LOVE in-home sessions. Feel free to read on, and then visit my last post on studio sessions, and then YOU can decide which one is the right fit for you!

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1) You have a distinct style and a home and nursery that you love and want to showcase. Mamas who have scoured Pinterest and created the nursery of their dreams should show them off! An in-home session really captures baby in his/her element, laying in the crib, rocking with mom in her glider, being burped by his dad or just snuggling in mom and dad’s cozy bed. The session typically occurs in the master bedroom, in baby’s nursery and in the living room (or another favorite space in your home that you’d like to showcase. While there is no deep cleaning required, I do encourage parents to declutter the spaces in which we’ll be shooting.

2) You aren’t in a hurry and want to take a bit of time to recover before scheduling the session. Whereas a studio session is ideally scheduled in baby’s first 2-3 weeks after birth, an in-home lifestyle session can happen any time from week one to baby’s first 2-3 months, giving parents a bit of time to adjust to their new role before we schedule the shoot.

3) You don’t have to leave the house! Any mom who has welcomed a new little one can remember the overwhelming stress of packing up baby and all of the dozens of things baby needs to get out the door and arrive anywhere in a timely fashion. While the RFP studio is well-equipped with everything you’d need, from diapers and wipes to wardrobe for the session, sometimes it’s just easier not to leave the house at all :)

4) If your baby has a furry big sibling, we can include your pup in the photo session!

5) For those with human big siblings at home, there is a strong argument for both studio and in-home sessions. A great perk of in-home sessions is that your big sibling is in a familiar environment at your house. I usually start first thing with big siblings, letting them give me a tour of their room, your room and showing off their favorite things and the new baby. I aim to get all of the portraits including your big sibling FIRST, so that if they have a melt down, need a snack, just want to take a break and play, we can flexible and can do that.