Thrice as Weiss - Baby Sister Makes Three {Chicago Lifestyle Newborn Photographer}

Dana and I met when her twins were just little crawlers, and when she approached me last fall for a family photo session, I was so excited. We were both mamas to two boys with a little girl on the way, and we are just absolutely on the same wavelength. We had a blast outside last fall capturing the boys and the bump, and she told me then that she couldn't wait to capture them all together once the littlest Weiss made her appearance. Fast forward a few months, and baby Sydney is here! Not at all surprising, her brothers just love her to pieces. We waited until Sydney was about six weeks old to do her first big photo shoot, because her wise mama knew that the dynamic duo of big brothers would need a little time to adjust to the new normal at home. And let me tell you, it was worth the wait, as they were so excited to show off their baby sis. Dana wanted to keep things very real with a lifestyle session that really embraced the chaos of everyday life, and together we did just that.