Let there be light! {Glenview Family Photographer}

It's good to catch up. At least that's what I'm telling myself when five months after these super fun sessions, I'm getting to relive them through the blog over here at Rachel Friedman Photography. There's a special joy that comes from being someone's family photographer - you get to see them through your lens, watch them interact, and witness the love between family members. These two intergenerational extended family sessions at the golden hour were prime examples of this. For the Wilk family, this meant bringing grandma along for their family session, which was super sweet. I'm sure the boys will treasure having these images with their beloved grandmother when they're adults. And for the Kaplans, this sessions was a gift to grandma and grandpa for their 40th anniversary. Forty years together, with two wonderful sons, two fabulous daughter-in-laws who orchestrated this heartfelt gift, and three absolutely precious your grandkids. Here are some highlights, first from the Wilk family.

And here are a handful of my favorites - hard to pick with so many! - from the Kaplan family!

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