Here Sleeps a Girl {Wilmette and Chicago Newborn Photographer}

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"Here sleeps a girl with a head full of magical dreams, a heart full of wonder and hands that will shape the world." - Anonymous

The month of August was filled with sweet newborn baby girls. So many baby girls.  It was so much fun working with so many wonderful families - parents of first babies, several kids, or fur babies. Parents in the city and in the burbs. All different, but all completely smitten with their new baby girl, their lives forever changed by their new addition.

There is something magical about capturing a baby in her first couple weeks of life. So tiny that they barely fill the cradle of your arm.  So peaceful in slumber, dreaming only of their journey into the world and of the milk that sustains them.  Completely surrounded by love.

First up is the Hamburger family, who I (along with my husband) just so happen to have set up on their first date several years ago.  Clearly we saw the magic, made it happen, and now they are happily married with the cutest little doll baby, Miss M.  She was a dream to work with, and it was so incredible watching them become parents together.

Next up is the Gillman Family.  I heard from this mama after her darling E arrived, and they wanted to schedule a lifestyle session to capture their new precious girl. This baby has two super cool fur siblings who loved trying to steal the show, and even though they wouldn't "cooperate" for anything we originally envisioned, they still played such a special role in this session.

Meeting the Rose family was so fun, not just because of their adorable newborn baby girl who was an absolute snuggle bug, but because despite never meeting in person before the session, it appears that they might as well be my new best friends. They are so warm, welcoming and generally awesome, and we had about 17,000 friends in common from our common backgrounds professionally and personally.  Chicago may be a big city, but it's truly such a small world.  Anyways, photographing their new family of three was a dream - we had fun, baby A slept soundly and sweetly, and I can't wait to watch her grow up!

And finally, baby Mikaela.  This sweet girl is baby #3 in her family, and very, very loved, not just by her mom and dad, but by her big sister and brother as well.  I always marvel when a baby comes out with a full head of hair, probably since despite all the heartburn I have had with each pregnancy, I create babies that vary from fully bald to a dash of peach fuzz.  All of the siblings in this family entered the world with a full head of dark hair, and then quickly shed it in favor of blond hair, so I can't wait to see just how different Mikaela looks six months from now.

Photographing newborn babies is my specialty, so if you’re looking for one of the best newborn photographers in Chicago, I’d love to work with you. I offer the option to shoot in the comfort of my Chicago area photography studio or in your home for a more lifestyle feel. If you’d like to book or have any questions about newborn photography experience, Chicago mamas, let’s be in touch!