Two Gorgeous Families, One Stunning Location {Winnetka Family Photographer}


Very often, my clients want a preview of the location where we'll be shooting, so over here on the blog, I'm going to start highlighting some of my very favorite locations for photos, with ample images included to showcase the location's beauty, and in this case, versatility.  Last fall, I had an amazing client clue me in on this hidden gem, Crow Island Woods and School.  I was joking with my husband that if I could, I would take 100% of my clients here for their outdoor photos, and I'd still have an incredibly diverse portfolio of images to share.  This location works perfectly for shoots in the morning and the evening too. There's a beautiful pathway through a field, a wooded more forest-y area, a wide open grassy area, a historic home, an outdoor amphitheater, a unique and edgy brick wall that's under an overhang (so it even works in the midst of pouring rain - which I have absolutely experienced here), cute little mini houses for families with older kids who can handle the temptation of their proximity to the school playground and more. Consider me smitten. Both of these families had shoots here to celebrate the first birthday of their little girl - though one was for a first child and one was for the 2nd.  Somehow we ended up shooting at completely different spots with absolutely no overlap, yet both resulted in gorgeous galleries.

First, an early spring session with Miss Maya and her family:

And now here is the second family, with the newly one year old Miss Maxwell and her family, who not only included family photos but a smash cake and clean up session as well.

If you live in Chicago’s northern suburbs, I’d love to bring you to this stunning location for a family photo session. Whether your child is six months or six years old (or even bigger!), this Winnetka location for family photography is a gem. Let’s schedule your session today.