There's no place like home {Kenilworth Family Photographer}

As a photographer who loves adventure and variety, I am always going from location to location to photograph my clients. While I certainly have a collection of favorite places to capture images, there's something special about capturing family in the intimate setting of their own home. While all kids are different, some are definitely more comfortable in a known location, and what better place than cozied up on the front porch, on mom and dad's bed, in the backyard where you play every day or happily seated around the family table.

Some tips if you're considering a lifestyle session at home for your family: first, I promise not to judge you one bit of your house is a mess - if you saw my own, you'd know I have no right. But before our time together, the best thing you can do to prepare is to declutter in the areas we plan to shoot, so that we can hit the ground running when I arrive.

Second, when considering where you want to shoot, keep the light in mind. If you have a living room or master bedroom that gets great light in the morning, let me know so that we can schedule around that. I can make almost any light situation work, but bright natural light works wonders for creating beautiful photographs. And third, family sessions at home naturally take on a more casual feel, just by the nature of where we're shooting. Leave your high heels and fancy dresses in the closet, and find clothing that looks natural for the element where we'll shoot.

These families followed all of these tips, and they ended up with absolutely stunning galleries of images capturing this moment in time with their kids. Here are some sneak peaks, first of this sweet family of four in the Chicago North Shore:

Next up is a family of five with three of the cutest boys I've met - they just moved into their new home in Glencoe and are loving the suburban life.  Their mom contacted me pre-move, wanting to capture this new stage once they got settled into their gorgeous new home.

Finally, here's a sneak peak of this warm and welcoming family in Chicago who have a sweet baby boy who was nothing but sweet during our entire shoot.  They reminded me about the joys of living in the city during Cubs season, but despite the traffic to and fro, I couldn't even be bothered once I saw the gorgeous results from their session.

If you’re interested in an in-home family session in Kenilworth, another northern Chicago suburb or anywhere in Chicago, I am your go-to family photographer. Please drop me a line so we can chat about bringing your vision to reality!