Sweet newborn baby boy {Chicago Newborn Photographer}


There's nothing better than watching friends become first time parents. I met this couple when my husband was in business school, and it's funny to think back to the days when we were all unencumbered by nap schedules, babysitters and early wake-up calls, when we could stay out late into the night at The Keg of Evanston with no regard for the responsibilities of life at home (except for, you know, work for me and super expensive graduate school for them). But I digress. Now they aren't just a perfect pair, but an adorable family of three. They were so sweet, only a few short days into their parenting tenure, and already totally unfettered by the most glamorous parts of parenting, like when your child pees and poops all over you three times over less than five minutes time. I even managed to sneak a few snaps of their baby man smiling in grandma's arms.